Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just another day

Nate has Strep. throat which I had last week. Luckily the baby seems healthy. I was worried because he was breast feeding before I got sick.
I went to a Mary Kay party last night and really had a good time. The products are amazing. They are really not as expensive as I thought they would be. We got to try a lot of the products to see how they really worked. We tried this micro-derm abrasion solution on one hand. After one application you could visible see a big difference. Anyway its good stuff.
I going to try and get my house clean and laundry done today. ha ha ha.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Let's Get it Started

Well here it goes my first attempt at a blog entry. I have two wonderful boys a great husband and a bad dog(Magnus). I am the only female in this house and I'm tuffer for it. I never was a girlie girl I love to play in the dirt as much as the boys do. I love cars and motorcycles and anything with a motor. I love the sound of a deep throaty engine. I enjoy playing sports and fishing; if the fish are biting. I think God knew I needed boys because I lack the coping skills for drama.
My 3 yr. old, Nate, loves Spiderman. We have watched Spiderman 1,2 and 3 a hundred times. He has been his favorite character for 2 years now. I wish he would move on to something else but at least it's not Barney. Nate is my warrior and family dare devil. He is bullheaded
and strong willed. Sometimes it can be little hard to tame his wild nature but underneath the rough edges he is an awesome little boy with a need for adventure.
Caiden is 5 mths and a bundle of smiles. We call him guy smiley. He gave us a scare when he was born. He had fluid on his lungs and was having a hard time breathing. He is OK now and will have no lasting effects. Now he is sitting up with a little help rolling over from his belly and giggling. Nothing heals the soul like the sound of a child laughing.
Webb is my husband of 4 yrs. We were both married before and went down some rough roads to finally find each other. I love him so much. He makes his family his priority. On his days off he spends his time with us. He is not a gamer thank God. He treats me with respect and values my opinion. I'm lucky to have him, some men don't like strong minded women.
Last but not least is the dog Magnus. He is a 2 yr. old bull mastiff. He loves the kids but its like having a pony in the house. His favorite thing to do is stretch out on the couch like dead coach roach and shed. He is not really a bad dog just a lot of work but we love him just the same.